Exciting News!


I am pleased to announce that I’ve just signed to Hen & Ink, and the esteemed Erzsi Deak is now my literary agent!!

Back in February I submitted a few pages and synopsis to Hen & Ink’s ‘Open Coop’ day — a short window of opportunity in which to send relevant material to this otherwise ‘closed to submissions’ literary studio.

I loved the look and feel of the agency right from the start — the humorous illustrations and family atmosphere on their website drew me right in — and the fact that the ‘coop’ was home to both writers and illustrators was an added bonus, as the manuscript I submitted is an illustrated MG.

Fast forward to late March, and an e-mail requesting the full manuscript. I tried not to get overexcited, but realised soon after pressing ‘send’ that I’d recently changed the name of my story and had sent the full under a different title to the original submission!

Feeling like an utter buffoon, I quickly sent another e-mail explaining this, before sitting under a virtual blanket of newbie shame for the rest of the day.

I tried not to dwell on the matter, as I’ve learned through experience (with scriptwriting) that it’s easy to turn into a gibbering wreck if too much time is spent overthinking things which are out of one’s hands, and instead threw myself into other projects.

Yesterday, I noticed on Twitter that Erzsi Deak had just followed me. My heart started pounding — surely this could only be a good sign?

I opened my inbox to find a lovely email from Erzsi herself, saying that she loved my book and offering representation!

Needless to say, I performed a whooping ‘Snoopy dance’ to the amusement of my cat, and accepted Erzsi’s offer straight away.

I am so looking forward to working with Erzsi, and will keep you posted!

Au revoir 😉




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