It is often said that the most important thing a writer must do is sit down and write regularly, even if they don’t feel inspired to do so.

Sometimes it isn’t the lack of wanting that prevents writing, but circumstances. I used to joke that there must be a secret button in the computer chair, as every time I sat in it to write I was suddenly visited by various family members who ‘just had to quickly show me something’ or would innocently ask ‘how long are you going to be?’ 

The drive to write every day is so ingrained in me that I feel guilty if I do not, and if that happens I make up for this by doing extra ‘thinking’. For of course as every writer will recognise, a great deal of the writing process involves staring at walls; particularly in the early stages of a story idea.

So, if today is one of those days where life gets in the way of writing, don’t beat yourself up about it, but instead spend a while thinking through a scene, or developing a character.


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