Clever PR by Author David Mitchell


Last week I read the marvellous David Mitchell’s twitter story ‘The Right Sort’.

He posted several tweets twice daily, which when added together produced a short story. According to David’s PR this tale gives a peek into the universe of his eagerly anticipated forthcoming book ‘The Bone Clocks’.

What a clever marketing strategy! Those who love Mr Mitchell’s work already (moi) get a few (free!) crumbs from his writerly table, while those who stumble upon him on twitter, perhaps thinking he’s the OTHER David Mitchell (who’s also a writer and fabulously funny comedian) are drawn in by his magical prose.

I’ve read all of DM’s books, and am insanely jealous of the — seemingly to my green eyes — hoardes of people who have managed to procure an advance copy of ‘The Bone Clocks’. 

I’m just going to have to wait patiently until September like most other fans, but the anticipation is sure to make the treat even sweeter 🙂

If you want to read the whole DM twitter story (without the mild annoyance of reading ‘back to front’ in the twitter feed) you can head here!


Next Monday (July 28th) I’m participating in the ‘My Writing Process’ blog tour, having been tagged last Monday by my super amazing coop mate Sarah Towle.

Hope you can hop on over! 


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