Writer’s Anxiety


scream 2

Writing can be an anxious process.¬†Your w.i.p rattles around in your head and you desperately want to share some of the good bits, or test out some of the ‘unsure if this will work’ bits, but your muse¬†yells “No! If you speak of me I will send your story crashing to the ground!”

This may sound cray-cray (okay, it so does, now that I’ve written it down) but in my experience that’s exactly what’s happened every time I’ve shared too soon. Other people’s reactions (or lack thereof) have sent doubts pinging round my brain and the emergency ‘Abort Mission’ button has been pressed, leaving me with as much enthusiasm for the project as I have for defrosting my freezer*.

So now when people ask what I’m working on I tend to be vague, or if I’m feeling devilish may make something up on the spot.

Pen Avey is currently writing a dystopian PB featuring robotic gorillas.

*My freezer is currently holding enough ice to build a small igloo.