On not taking yourself too seriously…


One positive trait of a comedy writer IMO is the ability to laugh at yourself.

Yes it can be painful and sometimes embarrassing, but appreciating humour — even if it’s ego-bruising — is a valuable character writing tool. How are you going to write about your own protagonist’s catalogue of fails convincingly unless you too have been on the receiving end?

Once I came out of a supermarket carrying a full bag of shopping in each hand.

As I headed for my car I tripped on a kerb, and had to keep the momentum going by running forwards to prevent myself from falling over head first.

After gathering a fair bit of speed I was eventually halted by a 6 foot chain-link fence, into which I face planted.

Immediately I heard children laughing, and looked around expecting a group of kids poking fun at my misfortune. I was somewhat relieved — and amused — to discover that as I’d gone racing past a kiddie’s 50p ride outside the shop, I’d activated a sensor, causing a recording of children giggling to emit from within.

I chuckled to myself all the way home, imagining what I must have looked like to an observer, and marvelling at the coincidence of a machine ridiculing me.

So next time you do something foolish, remember that it’s simply your turn to be on the receiving end of the Universe’s wonderful sense of humour.

laughing 50p


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