Boundaries in Writing


I’m watching Game of Thrones at the moment — I started at the beginning of Season 1 in December and am up to the middle of season 4 now.

It is absolutely riveting — in a rather rude and bloodthirsty way — but has set me thinking about self-set boundaries in writing.

George R.R. Martin obviously has no qualms about writing scenes of graphic torture, but although I can read/watch this knowing it’s fictional, I would feel uneasy writing about it.

It would still be fictional, so what’s my problem?

If I’m honest, I do feel that my writing reflects my soul in a way. I’d worry others would view me as some sort of monster to have such thoughts, and yet I don’t view those who write horror and such in this way, so my feelings must be nonsense!

Yet they are my feelings, and I must be true to them, however silly they may seem — even to myself.

Is there anything YOU couldn’t bear to write?


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