Time has got away from me — as far as this blog goes — but life has been busy (a good excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

My head has been so taken up with practicalities that I’ve not been able to settle on writing anything longer than a page or two. Ideas came and went, but nothing grabbed me enough to persuade me to commit. The only thing that excited me was poetry, so I wrote that, and entered competitions — with a small amount of success.

I was shortlisted for Fenland Poet Laureate (my poem ‘The Joy of Mindfulness’ can be read here¬†) and also for the Patrician Prize — My poem on the subject of refugees and peace-seekers will be published in a Patrician Press¬†anthology in February 2017.

I also did a lot of sketching — mainly of cats!

These endeavours kept the creative juices flowing and I’m now happy to say that a new novel is at last starting to take shape.

If your creativity decides to take a hiatus don’t despair, just tick things over in its absence.12936687_10153988348639360_4251316217995437898_n_kindlephoto-353131228