Flash Fiction

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Photo by john paul tyrone fernandez on Pexels.com

Sometimes it’s worthwhile — even if you usually write full length novels — to have a go at writing flash fiction. Challenging yourself to tell a story in 500 words or less (the shortest piece of flash fiction I’ve ever written was just 12 words!) means paring back to the essence of your tale, so it’s great editing practice. Plus, in these busy times, readers sometimes want a quick, undemanding read at the breakfast table, or on their commute into work.

I wrote Tilly’s Tale after visiting a medieval castle, and submitted it to Common Deer Press who have published it on their website as a ‘Short Tail’ (pun intended!)

If you haven’t done so before, why not have a go at a piece of flash fiction yourself?

Tell me how you got on in the comments!


Dear Earthling Cover Reveal!


My illustrated middle grade novel Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent is being published in fall 2018 by Common Deer Press.

As my illustrations feature heavily, I was asked if I wanted to create the cover art. After a few attempts at different styles and formats, and constructive critique from The Herd (as the CDP family are collectively known) I came up with this design.

I hope it gives a sense of the book’s format (letters from an alien), reflects the humour and showcases some of the characters held within.DE Cosmic CorrespondenT final.jpg